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Kreative Idee! Hancock Shaker Shelves In Butternut

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Es ist die kreative Idee, Hancock Shaker Shelves In Butternut verfügbar auf dem Marktplatz mit Preis rund 174 Euro.

Description of Hancock Shaker Shelves In Butternut:

This piece is a copy of 19th century, hanging wall shelf on exhibit at the Shaker museum in Hancock, Massachusetts.

The dimensions are 25″ high by 27″ wide. The 3 shelves are 4 1/2, 6 and 6 3/4 inches deep.

The original was made of eastern white pine.

While the original shelves are made of pine, I made the first set pictured here from butternut. Butternut was frequently used in originals from the Hancock community. Butternut is member of the walnut family and, sadly, is under attack by a blight and is expected to become extinct. I hand fitted the shelves into dados, then secured them with screws capped with plugs I cut from the same boards that I used to make the shelves.

The dimensions and general construction construction are true to the original as described in John Kassay’s “The Book of Shaker Furniture and as observed in the original at the Hancock Shaker Village.

There are holes on the top to hang the shelves on a pegboard as were the originals. I have added a French cleat along the lower back edge of the top shelf for attaching the unit to a wall and I include the other half of the cleat that mounts to the wall.

Mounting with a French cleat is quick, secure and easy.

The 1st and 3rd photos show the shelves being used as a display case for ceramics by Yin Yefko.

I have one of these in stock and ready to ship. The $10 handling fee for this item covers part of the cost of the shipping box and packing materials.

Price is $165 + 6.25% Mass sales tax if picked up at my Easthampton shop.
The Wooden Fly
One Cottage Street
Easthampton, MA

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