Tentsile Connect Can Be Fun for Everyone

REI and Tentsile both have excellent customer assistance, and are eager to assist in any way they are able to! In reality, Tentsile does say that’s a feasible option, though it is fairly tight on the inside. Since nobody else has reviewed the Tentsile Connect, I am going to be the first. Tensile says it takes around 15 minutes to prepare the tent properly. There’s 1 con to this outstanding hammock tent. And Shirley-Smith wanted in order to support eight people at the same time.

With your shelter in the trees, it also enables you to keep a very low profile to prospective predators. The website is powered by Shopify. If you select a paid, expedited delivery method, refer to our shipping page at a better estimate. The pictures show the method by which the tent looks from delivery, all of the way to establish.

The plan is extremely sleek and sexy. It’s a clever design which uses tension to make sure a level lay. The general caliber of the tent is exceptional! Naturally, experience and practice should decrease this period of time. You definitely require some practice with this tent to be able to receive it right. My very first test was a total failure.

Tentsile Connect

Use it, in order to work out so you’re in prime shape for this climb up Everest. There’s a fast way to eradicate them. Got the connect for my wife due to her bad back. There’s another choice for sleeping two people within this tent. Take down is so uncomplicated and just requires a moment or two. Just consider the pictures.

It’s a bit freaky the very first couple of times, but you get accustomed to it. We won’t be undersold! Getting in the Tentsile tent to sleep for the very first time was a little leap of faith. I was shocked at how comfortable it was!! I’ll probably buy again because I really just would like it to work!! As long as the whole weight capacity isn’t reached, this is a fantastic way to extend the total occupancy of the shelter by including a few hammocks below the Stingray. So if you’re searching for a tree house to undertake vacation and an enjoyable car camping option, have a look at the Tentsile Connect.

There are other practical things here in order to hang your tent and make it even more comfortable in cold weather. Preparing the tent is quite simple, and handily there’s a sewn-in instructions page with pictures that are simple to follow along with. It can sleep two people within the tent, but you may add a third person by utilizing a hammock beneath. I really like this tent and am excited about using it. A tree tent is a really unique bit of camping gear. Shelter is a main concern, particularly for those with a bug out plan in mind. The shelter was created for these types of forces.

The Advantages of Tentsile Connect

Ideal for auto camping adventures where you’re able to find three large, sturdy trees in the proper arrangement. These are those who go in the park and never come out. It has just begun to rain.

There aren’t any loose threads. The ideal way to connect with your pal and the outdoors, this outstanding bit of equipment is perfect for any adventurous camper. It includes a removable fly sheet and offers you and your friend an opportunity to experience a completely different degree of freedom. This excess layer of insulation is going to keep you cozy all night long.

Tentsile Connect Tree Tent

Tentsile Connect Tree Tent


The zippers do look as they would be simple to replace, if necessary. The tension strap that runs the period of the tent keeps you from sleeping in the center of the tent. The most important reason I like it so much is on account of the sleep comfort. Air isn’t a fantastic insulator. In this instance the zippered flies should give you enough protection. It includes a removable rain fly and offers you and your friend an opportunity to experience a completely different degree of freedom.

No extra gear is needed to prepare the shelter. Taking away the Cow Hitch after it’s loaded is not a simple job. The Stingray ladder also works so you’re able to set up higher. When selecting a set-up place, you’ll need to make sure the trees you pick to connect to are at the right angles for the tent. This easy step would have made all of the difference. For any backpackers out there attempting to determine whether the weight is truly well worth it, it genuinely is!! It weighed almost 85 lbs and was too tough to manufacture.