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Erstaunlich Heavy Duty Hidden Floating Desk Bracket – Hardware Only

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Eine Reihe von Heavy Duty Hidden Floating Desk Bracket – Hardware Only, mein Zimmer wirkt aufgeräumt. Sie können es auf dem Marktplatz mit Preis rund gefunden 23.39 Euro. Source:

Beschreibung der Heavy Duty Hidden Floating Desk Bracket – Hardware Only:


Seamlessly support floating desks or deep shelving without external brackets or hardware!

These desk brackets have been designed to support floating desktops or shelves 10″ to 24″ Deep and 2″ + thick. They are constructed of 1/4″ thick 100% American steel.

***PLEASE NOTE***These brackets are mounted to the SIDES of studs and require drywall work to cover.

The weight capacity of these brackets is about 100 lbs per bracket, assuming the bracket is mounted into wood.

We do custom versions of these all the time. Feel free to contact us with your requests.

Optional Set screw holes can be drilled in the base of the rods to screw the shelf onto the bracket (see image). You can also glue shelves onto the bracket with silicone. Both are equally effective, but glue is easiest. Select NO if you will glue your shelves to the bracket or plan to drill your own screw holes after the shelf is installed. Either of these are the easiest and best ways to fix a shelf to our bracket.

Select YES in the drop down menu if you want screw holes drilled for you that you can send a screw into or through. Works best for desktops sitting on the rods.

1. ***For SOLID WOOD SLABS use the round rod option as it is designed to mount into a drilled hole.
***For PLYWOOD/HOLLOW CORE desktops use the square rod option as it has been designed to sit inside a hollow cavity or under a panel.

2. For more weight capacity, use more brackets. More horizontal rods = more weight capacity.

3. All brackets have one (1) rod

4. All Brackets have a 3″ wide x 1/4 Thick ” x 12″ Long side plate (mounts to stud)

5. Four (4) mounting holes are drilled in each side plate with 1/4″ OD holes drilled for use with 1/4″ lag bolts (not included).

6. Installation directions are included. Hardware and tools not included.

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