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Geometric Wood Shelves, Mid Century Modern Shelf, Hand Painted Furniture, Floating Book Case, Hexagon Shelf, Book Storage Shelf, 3 Xl Shelve

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Geometric Wood Shelves, Mid Century Modern Shelf, Hand Painted Furniture, Floating Book Case, Hexagon Shelf, Book Storage Shelf, 3 Xl Shelve available at marketplace, with price around Geometric Wood Shelves, Mid Century Modern Shelf, Hand Painted Furniture, Floating Book Case, Hexagon Shelf, Book Storage Shelf, 3 Xl Shelve Euro.

Description of Geometric Wood Shelves, Mid Century Modern Shelf, Hand Painted Furniture, Floating Book Case, Hexagon Shelf, Book Storage Shelf, 3 Xl Shelve:

Our largest size Hexagons (without special request) these shelves are a true statement piece, and perfectly suited for all decor needs! Each shelf measures approximately 18″ tall x 20″ wide x 6″ deep and hangs individually. They are perfect Mid Century Modern option for displaying larger items, such as books, antiques, rocks and gems, plants, candles, etc… Their unique hexagon shape allows for a variety of configurations, making the design possibilities endless! A very high quality set of shelves, made from your choice of popular American Hardwoods and meticulously hand finished to your specifications – whatever works best for you!

This listing is for three (3) individual hexagon shelves. If you would like a different number, or some alterations done please don’t hesitate to ask – or hit the ‘Request Custom Item’ button now! Thank you for supporting our family run business!!
Each hexagon measures 18″ tall x 20″ wide x 6″ deep, and will hang individually. One hexagon will have a middle shelf permanently installed.

1.) Pine wood with Grey stain & Blue Jewel & Crabgrass paint (2 sets / 6 total shelves shown)
2.) Birch hardwood with Walnut stain & Semolina paint
3.) Pine wood with Walnut stain & Violet Eclipse paint
4.) Pine wood with Walnut stain & Midnight Navy paint

Ordering Information
To place your order, please:
1.) Select your wood type from the pull down menu called Materials (see Wood Options below)
2.) Select your quantity – each “item” is three extra large hexagon shelves
3.) Add the item(s) to your cart
4.) Leave you finish preference in the “Note to Haase Handcraft” section at checkout (see Finish paragraph below). One hexagon will have a middle shelf permanently installed; if you prefer we leave the shelf out, please just leave a note at checkout.

Shipping Information on Domestic (US) Orders
At checkout, you will have a choice regarding the timeline. If you do not make a selection, your order will be processed with Standard Processing + Standard Shipping. Costs may be associated with expedited options, and these prices will be displayed at checkout. AK, HI and US territories may not be eligible for all expedited options.

Standard Processing – 3-4 Weeks
Expedited Processing – 1-2 Weeks
Standard Shipping through UPS – 2-9 Days
Priority Shipping through USPS – 1-3 Days

Shipping Information on International Orders
Expedited Processing & Priority Shipping may be available on some orders to some locations. Please inquire regarding the timeline & shipping method before placing your order. Any taxes/fees/delivery charges imposed by the destination country are not included in the shipping price and will be the customer’s responsibility.

More Information Regarding our Materials & Process
Materials and Construction:
Carefully hand crafted with your choice of solid wood options. Sanded smooth, and finished to your specifications; paint and stain combo, single paint, or single stain – whatever works best for you! We use non-toxic Paints and Stains to finish all of our products.

How they hang:
Each shelf is equipped with two key hole cut outs in the back, so the shelves will float flush and securely on your wall with no visible hardware. The key holes also allow the shelves to slide right up next to one another for a nice tight configuration. Free template included with the purchase of your shelves!

Finish: These finishes are included in the price of the listing:
– single color stain inside & out
– single color paint inside & out
– stain outside & paint inside
Your order can include a combination of finishes &/or different interior paint colors for no additional cost (ie. 2 hexagons with Ebony stain & 1 hexagon with Walnut stain).

Specialty Finishes: We can offer the following finishes at an additional cost due to the added time/effort they require:
-duo stain finish (ie. Ebony stain outside & Natural stain inside)
-duo paint finish (ie. Urban Dusk outside & Blue Jewel inside)
-paint outside & stain inside (ie. White paint outside & Walnut stain inside)
Please contact us for a quote regarding the Specialty Finishes.

Stain Colors – Natural, Walnut, or Ebony: Please see examples below
Paint Colors – See our Paint Palette here: https://img1.etsystatic.com/126/0/6977484/il_fullxfull.1017038771_mf0e.jpg

Wood Options:
*Pine: Popular and economical, Pine shows interesting contrast when stained, takes paint well, and is a great renewable resource. However, Pine is a soft wood, so it is more susceptible to dents and dings and has less luster than the hardwood options.
Natural Stain:
Walnut Stain:
Grey Stain (this color is only available on Pine):
Ebony Stain:

*Ash: A beautiful hardwood with a consistent, flowing grain pattern similar to Oak, but with more contrast and a very nice luster. Tends to be less absorbent then other woods, so while dark stain will bring out the grain pattern, they tend to have less of an effect on the overall color of the wood.
Natural Stain:
Walnut Stain:
Ebony Stain:

*Birch Hardwood: A beautiful, dense hardwood that we think is well worth the added effort it takes to work with! The natural undertones of yellow and red sometimes show through the stain, giving it a very unique aesthetic. Very durable wood.
Natural Stain:
Walnut Stain:
Ebony Stain:

*Reclaimed Cherry: Beautiful reddish wood with a sharp to wavy grain pattern. One of Cherry’s favorite attributes is that it deepens to a richer red with time and exposure to light. Due to the reclaimed nature of this wood please expect some knots and other inclusions as part of the beauty of the piece.
Natural Stain:

*Reclaimed Walnut: One of a kind deep brown hardwood with an incredible luster; it is as durable as it is beautiful! This highly sought after wood is the ultimate in mid-century aesthetic. Due to the reclaimed nature of this wood please expect some knots and other inclusions as part of the beauty of the piece.
Natural Stain:

More Information Regarding Our Other Products
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Shop Home Page:

Custom Orders
We love custom orders – get started right away by clicking the ‘ request custom order’ button or send us a message to discuss what it is you’re looking for!

Contact Information
Wholesale Inquires are welcome! Please email us with more information: haasehandcraft [!at] gmail.com

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